Megan C. England, Attorney at Law

Attorney Megan C. England is a Chattanooga lawyer serving clients in Chattanooga, TN. I am an experienced attorney committed to providing the very best legal services possible. My current  practice areas include divorce, child custody, family law, personal injury law, and business litigation. I fight hard to make the law work for my clients, and I will provide you with the legal aid you need to successfully navigate the legal system.

Family law is complex, and emotions often run high when personal issues must be litigated in front of strangers. I am compassionate to the issues that families face, and I will tenaciously fight for your interests. I do all I can to ensure that my clients legal goals are accomplished, and I will leverage my experience, knowledge, and creativity to find the right solution in your case.

If you have been arrested, are being investigated, or have been charged with a crime, your future rests on your choice of attorney. I handle all types of crime, from misdemeanors and traffic violations to DUI offenses and felonies. I will fight for your rights and work to protect your freedom.

If you have experienced an injury as the result of the actions of a third party, I can provide you with effective, aggressive representation. If you choose to enlist me as your personal injury attorney, I will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. In addition to physical and emotional damage, medical bills and missed wages can wipe out your savings and put you and your family into debt. You should not pay for someone else’s mistake. Let me help.

My goal is to create relationships with my clients built on a sound foundation of trust and respect. I maintain high standards of excellence inside and outside the courtroom. When you are in need of legal services that you can count on, contact Megan C. England.

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